This time it's golf. Lots of golf balls, various sizes, help add interest to the painting. Or maybe you see a moon?
The painting started out somewhat differently than the other YUPO paintings I've done recently. I still used a grid to 'flatten' the picture plane but had some compositional problems with this painting. (See the original post below.)
I've revised the painting from the post late last night. The first posted painting was half green if you measured all the green areas, and the vertical tree trunk lines weren't anywhere else in the painting.
Creating a strong "Z" in the painting strengthened the composition a lot. Adding grasses in the bottom part of the painting helped subtly repeat the linear lines of the tree trunks. Floating in a few more golf balls and action lines lended more of the excitement of a golf game to the painting, too.
Cobalt Teal Blue was glazed over some of the tree foliage and remaining green areas to calm them down. Even some of the tree trunks were quieted. Finally, spotting in a few stronger orange shapes as well as lots of small dark splats of paint helped add movement throughout the painting also.
I wanted the energy and the expectancy that you feel when you're out there on the course to come across in the painting. It was fun to paint, and it led me around more than I led it. Kind of like golf! Or like watercolor?
My son and I have often discussed how golf and watercolor are so similar - the fewer strokes, the better the results... it's frustrating so much so that you hate it and yet you love it... some days you cannot do anything wrong and some days you play/paint like you've never held a club/brush before... it's immensely challenging.
"A GOOD DAY" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 26 x 20" COLLECTED! already:-)


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I have never explored your blog and am sorry that I have missed this. I enjoyed seeing your Yupo works, especially. We seem to be living somewhat parallel lives right now although your art is at a much higher level than I have attained...yet! I love working with Yupo, my sons are golfers, with the youngest being a golf pro in the San Diego area, and I adore my granddaughter! If you would like to see a painting I did of our first ever Grandma/Granddaughter paintout you can see it at: http://wcbysusanroper.blogspot.com/2007/12/painting-with-aubrey-finished-painting.html

I like the great lines you got in this golf painting, considering it was on Yupo makes it even more amazing. I took a workshop by Taylor Ikin last year and learned a lot more about how to achieve more "realism" while painting on Yupo and I see that in your painting.

I will stop by now often to check on what you are doing, I would hate to miss anything! With your permission, I will add your link to my blog?


Dawn said...

it looks great Sandy before and after. I love the colors you used. Rich took me out a few times, I found it a bit boring, and would rather look at the wildlife, but I can see why folks like it. you really need to concentrate.Its a tough game.

Sandy said...

I love the flow and abstractness and colors and ...well I like everything about it. Sure wish some day I could evolve to this.


Tricia said...

Hi Sandy

My first ever comment on a blog site!
I love your work and visit your blog daily, when I can.
You have metioned using a grid quite a lot lately. Is this "grid" idea explained anywhere on your blog? Or where can I read about it? It sounds very interesting.
Thank you and congratulations on a great blog site.

RHCarpenter said...

I really like the blending of real and imaginary elements you've achieved. For some reason, that left leg and foot turned in doesn't seem "right" to me but I don't golf so maybe their legs do turn like that?

Dawn said...

congratulations Sandy on the quick sale of this painting!

Myrna Wacknov said...

Fantastic painting. You really have integrated your unique style while using some of the George James techniques. What I like best about this painting is how you captured the motion of the swing.

David Burge said...

Masterful design and handling, especially on that slippery surface. Very golf, the circles juxtaposed against the lines. Perfect!

fajar said...

Your painting is unbelievably good. color combination you use is very interesting. hopefully one day I could paint like your paintings.