Watching a child create can be mesmerizing. One of our grand daughters is staying with us this week, and she's glittered and glued, painted and pasted, sculpted and molded, and already spent over twelve hours with me in my adult art classes. What a treasure she is, too.

Being a grandparent is one of the best blessings ever! After almost five more hours in class tomorrow, she'll tell me if she wants to stay another week. She was convinced today that she does.

We also made time to go on a great shopping spree after church on Sunday, and I watched as she tried on a dozen dresses. She loves to twirl in them.

When she saw this painting of herself, she smiled, then said, "That's not what I was painting!" (I must've taken too much artistic license???)

"THE MASTERPIECE" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Fabriano Artistico 18 x 14" COLLECTED


Sandy said...

I LOVE this! How lucky you are...~~~ and how lucky she is.

I have two granddaughters, can't wait until their old enough to draw with me.


Dawn said...

Hi Sandy,

Paige is darling! so what was she painting?

Ann Buckner said...

Love this painting, Sandy. The intent look, the lights, the palette. Sounds like a grand time you two are having!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love this painting of dear Paige. And we were there to witness this. You are amazing. Thanks so much for painting Paige and sharing with us. I'll study it closer in class. :) ~Bonnie

Tracy Wandling said...

Well, ain't she just cute?!
Had to giggle at the story...sounds just like something my daughter would have said at that age! One of the nicest children's portraits I've seen...captures eveything!!

Michelle Himes said...

I love this too, Sandy! The expression on her face says she's having a great time. That's the first thing my younger grandchildren want to do when I come - paint with MomMom.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Really lovely picture...you captured the feeling perfectly...such talent you have!!
I liked what she said too!!

Ces said...

You are lucky and blessed to have each other.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

my granddaughter picks out her dresses according to the 'twirl factor"...the more twirl, the more she loves the dress! She is 7...what a blessing!


Jeni said...

you've captured the confident, creative spirit I see in my grandchildren. She's darling. Aren't they such a gift to the soul?