This guy had the most beautiful blue eyes. As he finished his lunch at an old diner in Colorado, I asked if I could take his picture to paint. He was gracious enough to say, 'Yes.'

His eyes were so gentle, kind... and direct, making them the specific reason for me to want to paint the portrait. I wonder why some people are so much more photogenic than others. He struck a casual pose outside the diner, and the only thing left to do was capture it all on watercolor paper, which I was anxious to do.

"COLORADO ROCKY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Fabriano Artistico 15 x 11"


Dawn said...

Very nice Sandy! and your gentleman is very handsome to boot. did you get his address so you could send him a photo of the painting? If I looked that handsome I would want to buy it!

Nava said...

This is truly beautiful. I admire the richness of colors on the face. And yes, he does have great eyes.