Painted en plein aire, aka 'on location,' forced there by one of my classes .... and painted on YUPO. WHAT was I thinking - or not thinking?

It's always been fun to paint on YUPO (once I got used to it,) but this is a really early one. The paint pretty much told me what it was going to do, and I followed. One thing for sure, colors on YUPO are vivid and lively. Crooked perspective and crazy paint patterns seem to have made friends with each other - could be art --- or not.

"MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEF" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO, approx 19 x 12" SOLD


Nava said...

Definitely art - this is so incredibly expressive and loose and juicy and - - - I think it's time I tried Yupo!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks so much, Nava. Try YUPO. And try it and try it. It's a great exciting experience just to put paints together on it and watch them dance.