Once in a while, a special friend and I get together to paint. I drag my array of supplies to her studio, and we drench ourselves in making art from day break til late in the evening.

I am the most free to explore and play when I'm there. No expectations. No deadlines. No one else's opinions. No self imposed requirements or judgements. Practically unlimited use of resources and supplies. I know that making art is a solitary journey for most, but I seem to thrive on painting with creative friends.

This may be the airplane that Wilbur and Orville must have dreamed about before they engineered it to fly ..... but someone else suggested that it reminded them of Falling Waters. Either way could be wright.

Actually, the posted painting is upside down. Earlier, I liked it better flipped over, so I signed it in the deep red area and framed it with the deep red on the bottom. I may take it out of the frame and adjust it someday ... flip it back over. Always a work in progress, these abstracts.

"MERIDIA" Fluid Acrylics (straight out of the bottle) on Crescent Board, 32 x 20"


Nava said...

Interesting - looking at it the original way it was, it seems like some frigates on their way, or back from, a battle. The red makes it very intriguing. I still feel incapable of doing successful abstracts (or more accurately, non-objective work), so I can only admire.

By the way, some abstract artist advised that when finishing a non-objective painting, to sign it in all 4 corners, so it can be hung any way the viewer desires.

Suzanne said...

I missed this when you first posted it. Really love this a lot. Funny how so many of us feel the need to see some "thing" in an abstract. I can see the F L Wright, though - not only in the shape of some of his glass design or prairie overhang but also in line and inner corners of interseting line - much like C R Macintosh.