This is one of my earliest YUPO's done with a loosey-juicy treatment, and the rug almost looks like it's the thing that's rocking the chair. When I look at the painting, I notice the lack of accomplished skill and technique, and yet, there's a strength of emotions that speaks to me.

The chair and window are from an old historical house on the eastern seaboard where a woman lived her life out. While we were there, I sensed conflicting feelings of contentment and loneliness in the house, which I tried to convey later with the paint.

When my best friend, Sandi, saw the finished painting, she really loved it. She's been gone five years, and I miss her still. The painting was named in her honor for the beautiful difference she made in my life.

"HER PRESENCE" Transparent Watercolor on heavyweight YUPO, 14 x 20"


Jenny said...

Sandy, I was messing around on the computer and ended up here. As I was scrolling through your paintings I passed this one, it reminded me of my mom. I saw the title and I wondered... then I read what you wrote. It brought a tear to my eye. I miss her too. There are so many of your paintings that remind me of her, I wish I could fill my house with them! I miss seeing you, Love Always, Jen

Sandy Maudlin said...

hi Jenny,
Thanks for stopping by on the computer, but an extra thanks for stopping here in October. It was so special of you to make the efort. I really appreciated the time we spent together, and it was excellent to see how your kids have grown, too. Hope yur new year is prosperous and full of joy.