This summer I took a short workshop with an Indiana artist, Peggy Brown, AWS. She's an excellent teacher and loves watercolor, incorporating a bit of collage into her very subdued paintings. She also sews spectacular art quilts which include her watercolors painted right on the fabric!

My work shown here is a result of using the process she taught. Transparent watercolor, pieces of loose papers and other items pressed onto the wet paper (then removed when the paint had dried,) as well as shaved charcoal and conte crayons all add to the effects. A very small amount of the painting is also collaged from pieces of my own painted papers secured to the painting with mat medium.

"PASSING" on Strathmore Aquarius II 80# 15 x 22"


RHCarpenter said...

I see a setting sun and open doorways to walk through - the title works well with this one and it has a peaceful quality, still and quiet...

Sandy Maudlin said...

Cool! It's so neat to hear how others interpret a painting. I really like the way you see this, and I'd never considered that view. I like your vision a lot.
Happy Painting.