After taking an excellent Gerald Brommer workshop on collage and watercolor/acrylics, I returned home and began this piece. Under the paint are several layers of pieces of paper torn from a variety of textured rice papers which were glued down with mat medium.

The fun began as I painted over the then dry and bumpy surface of those rice papers. Textures peeked out everywhere. Using rubbing alcohol, I lifted off the acrylic paint in certain areas to reveal more nuances of colors and texture underneath. (Click on the pix to see the textures up close.)

It was another painting that was hard to stop painting on. The photo reference was taken in Malta where my sister once lived. It could certainly be anywhere in Italy, too, where texture and ancient are married forever!

"AROUND THE CORNER" on Arches 140# CP with Collaged Rice Papers, Watercolor, and Acrylic 14 x 20"

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artlover said...

I love your work.
I also like to work with japanese paper.. love the textures.
What's the name of the paper you use?
You could see some which I've done at this link.
I am also interested in bookbinding, and using some of my pieces for book covers.