This painting was created with fluid acrylics, tube acrylics, some surface treatments, and lots of time discovering and maneuvering shapes within the created textures. Painting it somehow seemed like a vacation away from painting, and yet 'painting' has ALWAYS seemed like a vacation... sometimes without a map or reservations. It reminded me of the huge volcano that erupted this past spring, hence the name.
"EYJALLAJOKULL" Mixed Media on Acid Free Foam Core 4x4"


Deb L├ęger said...

Gorgeous textures, Sandy! I'd never have thought of using foam core.

I was looking over at your side bar and your workshops look so awesome. I wish I could there to take one, especially the tape batik one. Would you ever consider doing a live one online? So those of us who would LOVE to watch you do this could? Maybe if I organized a huge bunch of interested artists to send you emails begging and pleading? ;-)

ErikaBrandner said...

I loved your Textures work .... I loved it. Beautiful and delicate colors .... you can see a thousand different shapes in it... I loved it.

Sadami said...

Dear Sandy,
Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing the info on interesting media. I want to explore new tools.
Kind regards, Sadami

Jeanette said...

This has a ghostly feel to it as if I'm looking into somewhere that is veiled. I like it a lot.

I had considered foam core too as a support after using a piece as a temporary board to complete some washes on one of my fish prints. The resulting pattern left behind could become a piece in its own right with a bit of work.