This portrait was the my quick demo for the portrait workshop - done without any drawing on the paper. You HAVE to be in your right mind to do this well, since it's all about seeing shapes accurately, capturing their values and creating the kind of edges each shape has.

Of course, the purpose wasn't to make a masterpiece or even a presentable work of art. The purpose was to SEE better so we can paint better.

My hope was to have a somewhat human form when I was done, and I was happy that it turned out as good as it did, looking a whole lot like young Paige. That doesn't always happen, especially in a quick demo.

Try it. It's a great warm up exercise - less than 15 minutes time - about 14 x 19" with only Quinacridone Burnt Orange Watercolor (or whatever single color you like,) water, and a large synthetic round brush.


RHCarpenter said...

Your mastery with a brush and a single color never ceases to amaze me! You rock!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

... and you think we can all do this!!?? your mad. It takes a dedicated, experienced, talented, brave artist like yourself to create a portrait with a brush and a likeness to boot!!!

jgr said...

This is wonderful!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for your votes of approval. I see what's wrong with it - the nose, shadows, eyes..... we must quit being so brutal to ourselves and enjoy the process more.