Some of the paintings from last month's YUPO workshop are here today! When theses artists brought their work in to share with the weekly classes, they gave me permission to take photos of them and share them with you on this blog.

The Canyon Walls are by Karen Pettit. The sky in the painting is more intense than shown here, a real Colorado BLUE sky, very striking with the oranges of the canyon. Karen's also painted a similar scene on Arches that you can see hanging at our art show in Sharon Woods Visitors Centre Gallery this week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The next five paintings have been created by Jude Creager, though only two were done in the workshop. When she got home from the workshop, Jude says that she couldn't put her brush down. She LOVES YUPO! Painting 'til 3 am....??? She was. Several of her YUPO paintings are also in the art show this week.

Leslie Spillane's "View Out of the Window" effectively takes advantage of what paint does so well on YUPO with the way those curtains are painted. The foliage outside the window creates a fascinating pattern with the fence and flowers.
The final painting here, by Valerie Bernardino, of "Peppers" is a large painting full of the juicy effects that happen on the slick YUPO surface. This photo also is not quite as rich as the wonderfully vibrant painting.
Several at the workshop commented about how intense the colors remained even after they dried. Because the paint does not soak into YUPO like it does on our normal cotton watercolor papers, the colors seemed techno-charged!
Thank you, Leslie, Valerie, Karen, and Jude, for being willing to share these on my blog. My next workshop features children's portraits on regular watercolor paper - see side bar on the right for more info.


RHCarpenter said...

These are some amazing paintings on yupo! Your workshop must have been a winner with many creative and talented artists there sharing and learning from you (the Mistress of Yupo).

Dawn said...

You done well teach!
great paintings!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Great teacher + talented students = beautiful paintings!
How I wish I could take a workshop with you...Who knows, maybe one day you will come to Ottawa, Canada.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for sharing this diversity of YUPO work. I am pleased to say that at a summer show I sold the two small floral YUPO pieces I did way back as an early experiment. Such a surprise. So need to get back to it, but busy as ever with work required for open show based on the Elements and Man plus at long last started the large cottage commission.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Our YUPO workshop was so much fun. Wish you all could have been here too. Thanks for the kind comments.

Joyfulartist said...

Fantastic Yupo paintings! Let me know when you plan to come to Florida, I'd love to come to a workshop.