After a couple of months of contemplation and experimentation, I'm hoping that this painting can be parked for good. It's been posted before when it was in Stage One and Stage Two - see last two paintings below.

Once it got to Stage Three - next pix below - I felt it was ok, but when I added the lavender to one of the bikes - top painting shown here to the right - I thought it could be done. I really liked it at Stage One, but not at all at Stage Two - too dark and dreary for happy bikes.

"BIKE RIDE HOME" Transparent Watercolor on Yupo 26 x 18" COLLECTED

Comments? Critique? Ideas? It's watercolor on YUPO so adjustments are totally easy.

Stage Three - almost done - cropped a little at the top but needs an element of surprise

Stage Two - too many darks - confusing and ominous???

Stage One - Light and airy, lots of texture, weaker composition but maybe more fascinating?


Margaret Ann said...

Spectacular composition Sandy...it sets my heart a singing! :)

meera said...

I too liked the stage one the best :) And actually I thought the browns gave it a 'dirt bike' look and liked it too!!!

Vicki Greene said...

Sandy I can't even imagine trying to do a piece so complicated but I love the dance of colors.

Dawn said...

you must be the queen of yupo Sandy!
love the final painting!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Sandy - how wonderful to be back and visiting your wonderful blog. There is so much to comment on - firstly I prefer (cant explain why) STAGE TWO of the wonderful parked bikes... but so admire you for the way you develop your work.
Loved the batik process post and the VENICE YUPO work has told me me to use YUPO for my holiday paintings from snaps when I get through my current commitments.

You so inspire me with so much and the last thing is CROP TILL YOU DROP. Its going to help me so much in choosing two pieces to crop for a 'seaside' exhibition in Cromer in August.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I love the layering and the bright colors. You're doing something special here!

Nava said...

this is one exciting and fun painting!! I like the abstraction in stage one. And I also like the final version.

One thing, though: in the final version - the orangey wheel at the bottom right corner takes my eye downward and out of the painting - maybe lose the edge near the corner?

Candy said...

My favorite is Stage One. I love the pale yellow and pink. I'm with Vicki - I'm amazed at the complexity of this painting. Very nice!

Candy said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that your use of the phrase "parked for good" brought a chuckle. Nice play on words:)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Sure appreciate all the comments. I'll work on that corner some more, Nava. It sure does pull the eye over there too much. Wish I still had some of the effects from that first round of painting. Hopefully next time.

Sandy said...

Oh gosh this is gorgeous!! I need some time to spend here and catch up. I don't get around blogs much lately, so busy..

Hope all is well.