This rose, a Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora, was painted lots of years ago as a demo for an intermediate level class I was teaching. Back then, I'd provide the drawing for everyone to trace before we began painting. Then, I'd show them where to miskit, how to glaze, when to paint wet-in-wet, etc. Most all the paintings would turn out really nice, but because of following the process of painting along with 'teacher,' the artists seldom ventured out of the nest to create their own work.

It's tough painting without guaranteed results, but working a painting from the initial start up 'idea' stage through to completion is really what it's all about. The reward of creating a painting from your own heart and head is so worth the struggle. Now that's the only way my classes operate.

The success rate may be lower, but the overall growth is MUCH stronger for each artist as they learn and discover how to unfold what they want to say with paint. Somehow, there's actually less whining now than there was when people traced and followed along in years past. Surprise!

Newer work will be posted as soon as I have an operating photoshop program. I have yet to find my Adobe program, but hopefully, it may be in the bank's lockbox.

"ONLY A ROSE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Fabriano Artistico 15 x 11" COLLECTED


meera said...

Its beautiful how the rose pops out and shines!And You are a wise teacher! Lucky students.

Ann Buckner said...

This is one of the most beautiful rose paintings I have seen Sandy. I am truly in awe of your talent and skill.

shicat said...

Hi Sandy, the rose is beautiful. I have attended a very similar kind of art class,where you trace and color.Everyone so tentative with what to do next. I was alway antsy with this type of painting,and even though I appreciate the end results, I knew I wanted to do more than just trace and color. It's such a struggle, I am always fighting with my less disciplined more emotional and impulsive self. Who cares,I say it's only paper. So of course progress is slow,and of course I need to be more disciplined,but the journey is so,so, delightful that at times I can't contain myself. On and on sorry I do so appreciate you comment about 50 or so horrible paintings before you reach style you like.

Myrna said...

That old saying still holds true "the teacher learns the most". So glad you changed your methods. From what you have posted in the past, I think your lucky students are doing wonderful things. One of my favorite sayings is "Why be a second rate somebody else when you can be a first rate you!"

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Beautiful rose and love the brave strong background colour. How right you are, I have students breaking away from the 'follow my lead' classes and enjoying instructions in the morning and braving it with a full main subject from the heart in the afternoon.

RHCarpenter said...

It was a wonderful way to start all your little ones off on their art journey, Sandy, but glad you pushed us out the nest early and made us test our wings :) No matter where my art journey takes me, smooth sailing or rough paths, I will never find another teacher like you. You know your stuff and you know how to share it and create growth in others even if they sometimes struggle and, yes, whine :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Gosh, it's good to be back 'talking' to you all. I love Andrew Wyeth's approach - which few Americans have to their art ---
He said that most of us expect to create a work of art every time we pick up our brush. Instead, he recommended that we just spend time painting without those expectations, and good art would be more likely to emerge.

debwardart said...

Hmmm, that beginning strategy must have worked, tho - look at how far your students have gone!
Sorry about your computer fiasco - but looks like it's up and running again. Gotta love those electronics!

Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

I am just taking a break right here to comment on your incredible blog!!!! This rose is lovely, I can see just how your students were able to follow you on this.

But you are incredible, Sandy. Just incredible! If I can find the follow button I'm going to follow this blog for sure!

Cecilia Antoinette Price