This is yet another one of my early paintings on YUPO. The rich colors of this rooster and the textures of the wood behind these birds begged to be painted on the super slick YUPO paper.

This week we're enjoying a wonderful worshop in Middletown, Ohio at the Middletown Arts Center, so all my posts will be about YUPO paintings from my archives. (The post shown here does seem somewhat faded compared to the original painting.) The wood was so so so easy to paint because of the way the paint slid around on the paper and because of how easily paint could be lifted for highlights.

Next week I hope to post what the artists in my workshop painted. One of the joys of teaching workshops is learning so much from each of the artists who are exploring their own art journeys. But, saying 'Goodbye' on the last day is the hardest part of teaching for me.

"BLACK TIE AFFAIR" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 25 x 19"


Cathy said...

I'm no fan of roosters, but the contrasts and colours are so srtiking, I could almost change my mind on them!!

Ann Buckner said...

That rooster should be crowing, he is so gorgeous. Beautiful work as always, Sandy! Looking forward to hearing more about your workshop and seeing the work done.

meera said...

looks so lively -- now I really have to try yuppo!

Paul Kasmir said...

Okay now your just showing off. Just kidding,this is amazing that you can have that much control with Yupo I've seen most artist use Yupo for abstracts but not this realism done so well,


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Very fine painting, Sandy! I think Yupo is hard to work on, but you make it look easy!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Our computer is getting a new hard drive - always something....so I have little access right now to get online. Will catch up soon.

Sandy said...

I really love working on yupo...and your work has been inspirational to me in learning how to use this fascinating support.
This is a great example of what can be done....realism or abstract loosness ..it is all possible.
Great work Sandy