Artist Nicholas Simmons will be teaching a workshop here at my studio next August, SIXTEEN months away, but I wanted to let anyone know who's interested. Check out his work here with fluid acrylics. He uses them JUST LIKE TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR, taking advantage of the fact that once they're dry, they're immovable, but while they're drying, they're partially removable. Nick's results are stunning and have been compared to a batik look.

In 2007, Nick was here to give a workshop, right after he won the National Watercolor Society's GOLD MEDAL. We learned so much and had a blast.

Next August, Nick will present a fabulous four day workshop from August 6 - 9, 2010, a Friday through a Monday, here near Cincinnati, Ohio. Cost is $400, and a non-refundable down payment of $50 holds your place in class. He is an excellent instructor who has the expertise to teach, motivate, encourage, and critique.

Contact me for my mailing address at sandymaudlin@gmail.com if you have questions or want to sign up. Nick's workshop will fill up very, very fast so don't delay. And if you can't get here to southeastern Indiana for the workshop, make every effort to find another NICHOLAS SIMMONS workshop to attend. You'll be so glad you did.


RHCarpenter said...

Got my money in and wish it was this August instead!!! But good things come to those who wait...

Lori Barton said...

OH I lied, it won't require taking a week off work! WOOHOO! Do you have a list of hotels also Sandy?