This home's old window is another that I've painted several times. Located on a narrow, busy street in New Hope, Pennsylvania, it represents the charm of Buck County, and its history dates back to Revolutionary times.

I like that I can see all the way through the house and out the distant window. Each time I paint it, the hanging light gets changed, as does the flower box.

This particular painting of the window reminds me of a friend, and even of the house she lived in. She was classic, grabbing life with so much gusto. An eternal optimist, Pat Taylor had an incredibly amazing way of finding good about everything that happened. She knew how to grab life and make the most of it.

The things she valued really mattered, like family and friends. She LOVED to draw and so enjoyed painting.

Like this house, Pat seemed to have beautiful windows to look into and find unexpected treasures. She was transparent, generous, kind, trustworthy, fiercely loyal, and a very good artist. She knew how to change the things she could change and accept the ones she couldn't.

PAT TAYLOR, I will miss you. We all will. I'm so very thankful you were in my life. You made a difference in so so so many ways and were so loved!


Ces said...

What a beautiful tribute Sandy. I like the window metaphor. I hope someday someone will say the same about me, that I had beautiful windows to life. As for the painting, of course I love it. I don't think you will ever create anything that I will not like. It's like my favorite great masters, I like everything they did.

meera said...

Beautiful tribute and a beautiful painting to go with it.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Ces and Meera --- Thanks so much for commenting about Pat. She is so missed.

Margaret Ann said...

What a touching tribute...the colors of one's life so beautifully remembered...Gorgeous piece!

Nick said...

It's impossible to keep up with the pace you're setting here Sandy! Love this painting, the blue/purple touches are wonderful. Also love those pomegranates a few posts down, fantastic work.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Margaret Ann, for your comment about Pat. She was so many colors in my life.

Nick, thanks for stopping by. Love your new post with your gitar song and slide show. It's excellent!