It's snowing a beautiful, swirling snow right now. And we didn't have our Tuesday class AGAIN! Boooo.

This painting reminds me of the hope of spring (which is a hope we really need here right now) and was painted about 15 years ago with that in mind. Lots of negative painting was involved to define the trees in front of the cave like area after spritzing and splashing paint to create a soft, pale background.

It seemed strange to paint ''''negatively'''' to produce not only the positive shapes of the trees, but also the cave place that I viewed as a tomb. The tomb is an empty one, but with a positive message to show the power of resurrected life, and for me, the trees represent the strength He gives us.

How many artists paint, frame, then unframe, a painting? That's what happened to this one. It was carefully cut up into one and a half inch squares with the idea of reassembling it someday into a collage. At the time it just never 'spoke' what I thought it should say.

Now looking at this photo of it, I'm a little sorry that it was cut up. It was never reassembled and is long gone. Thank goodness the hope's stayed here.

"HOPE" Transparent Watercolor on 300#CP Arches 22 x 30" Recycled


RHCarpenter said...

Ohhhhhh, I wish you hadn't cut this up, Sandy. I love it - it is otherworldly, dreamy, beautifully painted and, well, I just love it - it's one I could look at a long time and say, "Damn, I wish I could do that!!!"
My word verification I had to type in today was "horshiet" - do you think that is a comment on this weather?!?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for your comments, Rhonda. Maybe getting away from a painting for a long long time helps the artist 'see' what might be good about that she otherwise didn't appreciate. Seems true in this case.
And YES! The word verification is definitely about the weather. I would guess much worse has been said by drivers trying to get home tonight in this mess.

Dawn said...

this was a lovely painting Sandy, next time you feel the need to cut a painting up, just send it to me ;)

meera said...

I agree with Dawn and I am in line too :)

nicolaus said...

As always,wonderful!! And thanks in general Sandy for being a constant source of inspiration to me and many others!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

You all are too kind. Thanks so much for stopping by.