When visions pop into my imagination, I might try to capture them on paper, but it usually doesn't work. This started out as one of those paintings last week. Envisioning a wonderful forest of quiet trees extending into a spacious white snow bank with a striking contrast of dark and light patterns, I couldn't wait to get started.

After painting the trees and background and leaving the snow area white, I knew it was obviously not going to express what I saw. The unfinished painting was tossed into a drawer.

Then when Wednesday's class got to BUBBLE PAINT, using fluid acrylics mixed with water and Dawn Liquid Soap, I printed the unfinished tree painting with the bubbles. Nothing to loose, I thought, and at least the new texture added some interest to an otherwise drab composition.

BUT --- seeing it flipped upside down changed everything. Now it reminds me of the northwest corner of Indiana with all the smoke stacks that used to pollute the air. Though this was not what was intended initially, it was a good discovery nevertheless, and conveys a vital message, too.

More bubble paintings are on their way, one of them fairly successful. The goal in the class is to develop valid pieces of art by combining the textured surface created with the colored bubbles with additional enhancements or embellishments of paints, inks, and possibly collage. Each artist's work will be individual even the the initial technique was used by everyone.

We all developed small, two-value thumb nail studies to work from for our bubble prints, so some may end up with abstract designs and others with realistic or representational paintings We are expecting really creative results.

"POLLUTION SOLUTION" Transparent Watercolor Covered by Fluid Acrylic Bubbles on 140# HP Arches 12 x 16"


Gail said...

I love this Sandy. Although I have done bubble painting with the kids I never considered for my own work...Thank you for protraying this technique in a more serious light. I'm already seeing the possibilties for several paintings.
Thanks again!

Deb L├ęger said...

Wow, that painting sure looks different upside down! I like this technique and will have to try it for sure. You're such a great innovative teacher and painter!!!

Teresa said...

Wow, it does look much better upside down.

I'm wondering, would this bubble painting technique work on yupo?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Be sure to try this. It does take a lot of paint, but I just seal up the unused portion for later. The first few times I tried this, I just used the cheaper craft paints which are a very low grade fluid acrylic.

Teresa, on YUPO, the paint will wash off when disturbed enough, due to the soap. Spraying the dried bubbles with workable fixative gave me a chance to paint on the YUPO print, even though with a little extra brushing I could still remove bubbles. I'll post that one later, too...tho it's not so great.

Margaret Ann said...

This is simply magical...especially the flip and the title you chose...Brilliant Sandy Brilliant! :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Margaret Ann, and everyone for stopping by. I appreciate it a bunch.