The six of us who went to Italy are part of Wednesday morning's class. Before we left, I gave each person in class a package of watercolor trading cards to paint. Everyone was to exchange cards when we had our Italian celebration upon our return. The actual size of each card is only about 2 1/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

The posts here show off the creativity and diversity in the class, as each person selected their own theme or subjects for their cards. Almost everyone in class completed 14 cards to exchange, which was a considerable accomplishment. There are a couple of artists who are presently finishing their 14 cards to hand out next month at our Christmas party. Some of the other classes would like to have a shot at making trading cards to share, too, so we may attempt that after the holidays.

It was fun to guess which cards each class member painted. Can anyone guess which row of cards I painted? Can you tell which rows of cards have been painted by the people who went to Italy? (Two of the Italian travelers are in the process of creating their cards, so they're only 4 rows of Italy travelers' cards shown.)

Mary Jane Noe also has a row of beautifully painted cards that you may be able to recognize after looking at her work on her blog - see side bar. I keep hounding the others to start an art blog. Maybe they will soon. Click on each set of images to enlarge. (Thanks, Rhonda and Dawn, for a heads up about how to be sure they enlarge.)


Dawn said...

a great idea! I cant get any of the photos to enlarge. darn it.

they all look great from here.

RHCarpenter said...

Sandy, put the paintings in the left or right side of the posting and then you can enlarge them. For some reason, you don't have that choice if you center them :(

Sandy Maudlin said...

Should be able to enlarge them now. Thank you for letting me know about it and for the solution, Rhonda.

Vicki Greene said...

What a neat idea. I would love to "examine" each up close.