Thank you so much, everyone, for critiquing this painting. After making some adjustments, I think this is as good as it's going to get. The original is posted here also for comparison.

Some teal has been dabbled on the tablecloth to the left of the jeans, but the post here doesn't pick it up very well. There's an excitement in the older painting that may be missing in the newer version, but it's done. This will be a good subject to try again and again. And to think I hate to do laundry!
Thank you, all of you --- Myrna, Nava, Suzanne, Rhonda, Joan, Dawn, Milind, Stephen, Lynne, Nick, Vicki, and Ann --- for your help and encouragement with this painting. Critiques are probably the most important part of the process for me right now, and I so appreciate your artistic eye and helpful suggestions. Now I'm headed to the studio to see what's going to happen next - no laundry to do today thanks to my sweet 'Honey.'

"LINE DANCING" Fluid Acrylics with Gesso on 140#HP Arches 30 x 22" Title - compliments of Rhonda Carpenter:-D


RHCarpenter said...

Everything flows better now - no sharp angles taking my eye out of the painting or to places that aren't important. I like the sense of the wind blowing the clothes - and love the texture of the building. Nicely done - oh, and I have some laundry to do if you're missing it :) hee hee Looking forward to seeing this one up close and personal tomorrow.

Dawn said...

love this Sandy, love this bit of turquoise and more of the gold/orange.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I could have done nothing other than agree with your original critiquers so I didn't offer anything then. Now, I can only say that wha tyou did made this just a supe rpainting now. That gray area that drew my eyes to the lower right is gone and perfectly integrated into the lovely warm walls and those clothes still look just right, like they are flowing in the breeze. This one is a winner for sure.

Nick said...

Well, I liked it the first version - the grey area on the right really contributed to the smoky effect, in fact the painting looked like it was going up in flames. I loved that! Still a great piece.