ON YUPO - BEST OF SHOW from Watercolor Society of Indiana

Inspiration for this painting came from an experience I had walking across avery windy bridge on a rainy day in London a couple of years ago. We were hurrying to see Westminster Abbey before it closed.

The wind had already broken my umbrella, and the rain was icy cold. We certainly were not dressed for the sudden change in weather. Those were the things I remembered as I tried to capture that moment in time on a piece of YUPO.

Rather than painting an accurate picture of the area as I saw it, my desire was to convey the feelings I felt during that cold, rainy, hurried walk. I already had a photo of the scene and wanted to be able to express what took place in a more visual and emotional way.

The excitement of being in a other country, exploring it's beautiful city with so much going on, even on a rainy, windy day, is what this picture is about. If the viewer can connect to that feeling, then what I'd hoped to create was successful.

We didn't make it in time to go into Westminster Abbey. Someone viewing this painting may even sense my disappointment of not getting to see it. Still, the overall trip was a great success.

The title, INTERLUDE, conveys several meanings. The rain and wind were an interlude in our beautiful day. A stop at the abbey would have been a special interlude but was not to be. And the trip overseas for me was a HUGE interlude in my life, changing the way I saw things, and even the way I painted. I am so thankful that I got to take the trip as well as be able to visually express my reactions to the experience as an artist later. It was an interlude I will always cherish.

Betsy Dillard Stroud was our judge for this show, and she offered each of the nine award winners some wonderful comments about our paintings. The paintings will hang through the last weekend of October in the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art.

If you like, scroll to the very bottom of this blog for my post dated May 5th, where you can also see the first painting of this scene created from the same photo, with changes posted on May 18. I think this newer painting captures more of the feeling I wanted to convey. May 5th's post also shows the original photo I worked from.

Just in case you wanted to know, this painting started out with a good white shape. The good white shape became the 'no longer visible' bones that help hold the painting together. I really appreciated this award from this great group of watercolorists!

"INTERLUDE" Transparent Watercolor on Heavy Weight YUPO, 20 x 26"


Myrna said...

Wahoo! A huge congratulations on this award! This is a wonderful and unique painting. You are such an excellent artist. It's nice to know someone like Betsy Dillard Strause thinks so, too.

Dawn said...

excellent Sandy!! congratulations! I do love this painting.

Nava said...

Yay! Congratulations!!!

It really is an emotional painting, and apparently what you've tried to capture has indeed passed on to the viewer. Looking at it reminds me of 2.5 years ago, when my husband and I were running in the Parisian pouring rain to Notre Dame, with just light short jackets, ending up with soaking wet jeans and hair. I didn't even dare to take out my camera, as the rain was so vicious. But - it was Paris - who cares? It's gorgeous at any weather!

Would be cool to read the comments that Betsy Dillard Stroud had about your painting.

Anita Davies said...

Congratulations...Beautiful piece!

RHCarpenter said...

Congratulations! You just keep raking those prizes in, girl!!! I'm happy to see this one as we have seen this one go through many changes over the months - like you say the bones are still the good white shape.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Sandy, I got to your blog through Myrna's. Congratulations! I especially like the shapes in your painting and how the verticals create a nice contrast to the figures.

Sandy said...

I almost got rained on looking at this. I could feel the mist.

All your latest pieces you've put up are as usual, beautiful!!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Congrats to you for this honor, so richly deserved too! I love hearing your thoughts that go into the inspiration and planning of these paintings. I love it, love it, love it!

David Burge said...

Masterful control on that ice rink they call Yupo.

Carol Carter said...

congratulations on your award!! you go girl! so happy for your achievement. keep painting.. and keep traveling.. and keep blogging. thank you for keeping in touch!

Nick said...

I'm glad I stopped by, this is where the party is! Congratulations Sandy, and I'm not surprised, you are one of the stars of the Octagon in the w/c world. Cage match? No thanks! I did go back to that post - my fave version is the 5/18 one, but I would think the same about this if I hadn't seen it!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

OMG its fantastic and so typically England and London on a rainy day. Glad you found sunshine between the showers. Simply love the reflections and the warm/hot colours placed centrally. Your work is so inspiring aned thanks for explaining the title.