The painting in my studio of giant pigeons is almost finished. Since it's not quite completed, here's a very old painting done over ten years ago of some gawking Indiana chickens.

I'll be posting some other ancient paintings in the next few weeks. One of my main goals when I started this blog almost a year ago was to create a record of my love for painting for our sons and grandchildren to have someday.
In the last twenty years, there have been a lot of paintings that I never took a photo of before they left home, but those that were previously recorded will eventually get posted here. (Record keeping is near the bottom of my list of things to do, right after laundry and before ironing.)
Some of the older paintings are certainly better than others. Some are embarrassingly bad. I'll post those, too, and this painting of chickens is one of the better bad ones. I liked the shadows, though.
Watch for the pigeons. One of them seems to have landed, and the other's not far behind.
"HEN HOUSE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 17 x 11" COLLECTED


Sandy said...

One of my favorite subjects to view for art are chickens. I'm not sure why... I've never lived on a farm although I had a few chicks when my grandson was young.

At the county fair, I search out the chickens.

Your painting is gorgeous and I'm glad you're posting your older work along with the newer pieces.

Nava said...

"this painting . . . is one of the better bad ones"

I love this way description. :-)

But - you do realize you're about to get A LOT of protests here, right? I'd hardly call it a bad painting, but I guess that as you grow, you look at previous paintings with ore critiquing eyes.

I like how the texture on the chicken echoes that of the fence (or vice versa).