What fun to paint with reckless abandon, as if you're plunging off the very edge of an enormous waterfalls. Today in class we incorportated a couple of Nick Simmons' (see side bar for his great blog) unique techniques and let the paint, water, and liquid gesso do most of the work. The less brushwork, the better, with each stroke being as fresh and free as the flow of water shooting over a falls.

Two weeks ago we were at Multnomah Falls in Oregon - breathtaking - and the inspiration for this painting. And painting this in a great Tuesday morning class full of friends made this 61st birthday extra special.

Everyone's paintings were original and experimental. Some people completed their work but most will put some more finishing touches on their paintings. The first stage of my painting is shown below, and you can see that everyone is hard at work. Now Honey and I are headed out to eat...YES!

"RECKLESS ABANDON" Fluid Acrylics and White Gesso on 140#CP Arches 16 x 23" COLLECTED


Suzanne McDermott said...

Ooohoo! Yeah! That's a great painting, Sandy!

Ann Buckner said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy!!! Hope it was terrific.

Neat looking class and am enjoying the work you are doing with the fluid acrylics.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


A belated Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for the view into your teaching studio, I love it! And, I assume that is our Rhonda on the near right, with her special, raised table? This looks like a great class and I love the waterfall, a lot of movement with little fuss.

Dawn said...

Happy birthday one day late Sandy! I really love this painting! and I knew exactly which falls it was right away. it is beautiful! love the photo of your class!
and the batiks below are lovely.

Nava said...

That looks like so much fun!!!


Sandy said...

Wow, another beautiful technique. I love Nick's work.