Do artists ever feel like they are producing a paint-by-number painting? It's been reported that Michelangelo actually numbered off areas on the Sistine Chapel ceiling so that his students could fill them in, paint-by-number style. And in the Smithsonian today, there are original paint-by-number 'masterpieces' to view. I've even heard that they've become somewhat of a collectors' item nowadays, too.

Paint-by-number kits were the rage when we were children growing up in the 50's. I can remember my mother painting several of them before finally painting on her own. As a child, I tried one, too, but the process was so slow that I blended the colors together instead of staying in the lines.

Several years ago, my husband's cousin asked if I'd like to have the paint-by-number picture that my husband had painted when he was about ten years old and given to his grandmother as a Christmas gift. His grandma had kept it hanging in her home since the late 50's. Now it's finally hanging in our bedroom, after receiving a much needed cleaning and varnishing.

Bob recalled painting it, mentioning that he remembered having to wait for the color to dry completely before painting in the next color. He said he was very careful to stay in the lines, too. He can still be patient like that today when I just want to hurry things up.

Unfortunately, there was a time when I made fun of paint-by-number art, but I really cherish this one, especially knowing that those ten year old hands lovingly painted it as a gift for his grandma. It even has the original frame, too.

"Leonardo's THE LAST SUPPER - PBN" Painted by Bobby Maudlin, oil on board, 31 x 14" COLLECTED


Vicki Greene said...

What a treasure. I remember the paint by number paintings. I loved them as a child. Since I didn't have any formal art training maybe that is why I finish each little section before going to the next. It is how I learned to paint as a child - lol. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

Dawn said...

great story Sandy!

tell Bob I love it!

I always look at those paint by number paintings in the antique stores, you never know I may find one that is really good someday. ;)

Ann Buckner said...

How cool and what a terrific job those 10 year old hands did.

Sandy said...

Well wow he did a great job on this and ..

I so remember those paint by number kits. Maybe I'll get me another one, how fun that would be!

And so as to not comment on a separate post, that painting above this is so detailed and beautiful.