Last week before the art show at Lynne's in Michigan, I shuffled through my flat files to collect work that needed to be matted. These iris were dug out of that stack.

The painting was a fullsheet - 22 x 30" - and although I enjoyed painting it at the time, I went on to something else before completing them. To make life easier, I cut the picture in half and completed this half before putting a mat on it. The other half may never get finished. We'll see.

I didn't have any Transparent Pyrrol Orange when I'd started this about six years ago, but I quickly swished some of it over the lower dark petals to give them a glow. Loved it. The painting looks more controlled than how I paint today, but it worked out ok.

Is anyone else notorious for leaving paintings behind, loosing interest in them? It's tough sometimes to gain back my excitement to complete the work.

"LOVELY LADIES" Transparent Watercolor on 300#CP Arches, 15 x 22"



Hi Sandy, I have a few unfinished paintings that are laying about, like you say losing interest in them... perhaps because there are more exciting projects that take your fancy.
I say a few...I dream of the day I too can say....I looked through "the stack" of paintings!

RHCarpenter said...

Yep, I think something else captures our fancy - or in my case, the painting isn't working out and I know it - so I put it aside not even 1/2 finished. I often go back and have a catch-up day, though, finishing ones I think I can finish later on.

Dawn said...

most of my paintings are just sitting around. very few make it to the mat stage. I am hoping one day to change all that!
love that orange Sandy!

Monette Satterfield said...

Just found your blog today - great work! Michigan Mollie is truly beautiful.