The two posts below show a finished YUPO painting as well as the painting showing what it looked like about half way through the process. The smaller photo was my reference.
We were freezing cold from walking across across one of the London bridges near the Taft Museum, and my umbrella had blown apart in the strong wind. To top it all off, Westminster Abbey was closing, and we couldn't get in. The abbey is there on the left in the photo. That's all I saw of it.
We paid a bunch for a taxi back to our son's flat and went out for supper after we dried off and got warm again. The memory of how quickly it got cold and rainy that day stayed in my mind, and that's what I'd hoped to convey. The picture of the painting in progress may actually convey the feeling better than the finished piece. I think I'll try again.

Double click on the paintings to see the textures better, and you'll be able to see how YUPO can be glazed with several layers of paint. Since the paint sits right on top of the sheet of YUPO, never soaking in, it takes some practice to paint over it without lifting the existing paint.
I've printed the commonly heard English phrase, "MIND THE GAP," in the final painting, too, but it's hard to find. Do you see it?
"LONDON BRIDGES" Transparent Watercolor on Heavy Weight YUPO 20 x 26" COLLECTED


The Crusty Crone said...

I can certainly feel the wind and rain in the painting. But I couldn't find "Mind the Gap"... hope you'll point it out later.

Dawn said...

wow Sandy, love this. but I could not find the words. :(

Sandy Maudlin said...

Sorry, the words, "MIND THE GAP" barely came out in the digital and are very obscure anyway. They are about half way up on the right hand side and GAP goes off the page. Thanks for looking, tho.

Myrna said...

Your Yupo paintings are spectacular! I love seeing how you utilize your reference material but aren't a slave to it. Very inspirational.

Sandy said...

I couldn't find it either. But now I'll look again. This is beautiful.

Nick said...

As usual, too many killer new paintings to comment on all....but this one triggered the requisite chest pounding. Even the stage before the finish is fantastic!

deborah kirby said...


Another visit to your blog -- and again I'm NEVER disappointed. Hands down this has got to be my favorite 'rain' painting ever, on any substrate, by any artist, of all times.

Yup... like it a bunch.