This painting was also created by the process of elimination of lighter shapes (like the previous post.) Instead of using miskit to protect the shapes that I wanted to keep a certain value, I used masking tape, mostly cut with a razor blade, to prevent the paint from flowing onto those areas.

I did use a brush to apply each layer of colors, making each layer be the same value throughout, but selected random colors that I liked, touching the paint to the paper in a very fluid state - lots of excess moisture to help it run and blend together. That extra moisture gave a more glowing look similar to the poured technique look because the paint could flow.

Once I'd removed all the masking tape pieces, I added some splatters and grasses in the foreground. I really like the surprises in colors that result from covering up shapes.

Using miskit creates a sharp, exact edge while using tape results in a more textured, unpredictable edge, especially if the tape is torn or overlapped. This was painted as a class demo about 10 years ago and given away to a student who has become a really great friend.

"TIPTON TOWNHOUSE" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Arches 21 x 14" COLLECTED

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Dawn said...

love the light on this old house, great detail! Really lovely Sandy!