I've sewn one quilt square in my life for a quilt we made for our Quaker preacher and his wife. I love to look at quilts and always go nuts in a fabric store with all the cool batik fabrics, but sewing is too frustrating for me. So I paint the quilts.

Artist Peggy Brown from Nashville, Indiana, actually paints right on cotton fabric, then stitches the fabric to create beautiful watercolor wall hangings. You can check out her work at http://www.peggybrownart.com/.

This painting was not done on cotton paper or fabric, but on the synthetic paper that used to be called Kimdura and is now called YUPO. I really like how the colors painted on YUPO stay lively and vibrant. They sit right on top of the paper and never soak in like they do on cotton paper.

Today in class, Kathy created a fantastic painting in just a couple of hours on YUPO. There was a lot of creative energy in Tuesday's class, with some really good work being created. I can't wait to see the results next week.

It's so invigorating to paint on this slick YUPO surface. I just love it.

"QUILTER" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 16 x 38"


Tracy Wandling said...

You are the Queen of capturing light! And taming YUPO it seems. A beautiful light filled painting...the light through the curtains is just delicious...reminds me of Wyeth's...ummm....what is it called...Wind From the Sea, I think...one of my faves.
Also congrats on your awesome student's show! They are lucky to not only have such a great teacher, but a caring one as well. You are a rarity...and I am sure you are cherished by your students.
Happy Painting!!

Dawn said...

what a treat! you are the queen of yupo, it bends to your brush! lovely!