What a day! We set up the art show for all my students today in a great space at Sharon Woods Centre in Cincinnati, Ohio. It looks awesome. Over 160 framed paintings by 46 artists really show off the creative talent of the unique and diverse group of artists in my classes.

It continues to astound me how much people WANT to help. Getting a student show ready is a lot of work, and in the past, before moving here, I did nearly all the work for my students' shows {it was for them, from me, so I expected to do all the work} except for food for the reception.... (remember I'm very domestically challenged.)

People here BEG to help out. It's simply amazing and such a team effort to see something as big as this show be pulled in a few short hours. Over a dozen people spent most of their day helping hang the show and polish the edges. It sure looks great.

Our reception for the artists is Sunday from 1-4, so stop by if you'd like to meet some really talented artists and see their exquisite paintings. The show will be open everyday, starting tomorrow morning, through Sunday the 24th, from 10-5.

The post here is an older painting that was a chaos-into-control approach, kind of like hanging the show was today! With no preconceived idea of what I was about to create, I threw some gesso over parts of the paper, then painted randomly. Several 'feather' shapes appeared along with a partial profile resembling a man. I continued to carve out the painting, making shapes be more evident until it pleased me.

My Thursday night class from long ago - the one started 13 years ago tonight - helped with suggestions for the painting. One of those ladies is still taking classes from me, and her work in the show is dynamite! Marianne Wiggers is her name, and the colors she uses bounce across the room! Happy anniversary, art classes!

This painting won a fifth place award back in '97 at Viewpoint, a national show held each fall at the Cincinnati Art Club. I find it extremely challenging to 'bring' something out of forms and ambiguous shapes so receiving an award for this was pretty special.

"SURPRISED" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Arches 22 x 30" SOLD


Dawn said...

congratulations Sandy! I am hoping you will take lots of pictures to share with us to far away. Very exciting!

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh yes! Do take pictures! Sounds like a wonderful show. And isn't it nice when people surprise you with kindness and enthusiasm?! Hope the show goes well for everyone!!
Happy Painting!!!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad to hear that you had so much help. Installing a show is a REAL JOB! Congratulations on getting it up. I would love to come by if I were closer. Have a great time and good sales.