When I paint on YUPO, I feel like I'm having a party. The ''''rules''''' of watercolor, which can be so daunting, are no longer in effect on YUPO. It's all play and fascination watching the paint as it moves in its peculiar ways on the slick surface, and I'm always intrigued by what happens without my help.
It was funny watching one of the kids at the new year's eve party at my big brother's house. She was probably an eighth grader, (oops, actually in high school,) and when I began painting this picture, she glanced at what I was doing and gave the whole scene a look of dismissal. A couple of hours later, as the painting was really coming into focus, I saw her eyes glance over at the painting and actually light up. To see that look of unanticipated amazement and appreciation in a young person's face is refreshing. We talked a bit about her art classes in school, and my hope is that she's encouraged to pursue her interests in the arts.
I had to put the tomato in the painting, not only for the color it added, but also because it's my favorite food in the whole world. The salsa that Mayte' made for me to take home has no tomato in it and is superb! It won't last long at our house.
"ALMOST SALSA" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 19 x 12" SOLD

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Suzanne said...

I thought for sure I'd left a comment here yesterday complimenting you on your magnificent tomato. I'm glad you brought it in.

Did we know everything already in 8th grade? Probably not - another world.