I surely wish all artists who work in any type of watermedia could spend at least one week at a workshop with Nicholas Simmons. This past week's workshop put a new bar up for what a great workshop entails. I've been able to enjoy learning from so many talented and well known national artists, and yet, this week was way beyond my expectations. Nick taught us new techniques that were great, but most of all, he also taught us to push ahead, to think creatively, to explore beyond what we can imagine, and to really stretch the boundaries of our world. Inspirational. What an incredible week!

My painting posted here shows my attempts to incorporate some of the techniques Nick taught us, but you must visit his diverse website to see his work. Fabulous. Although this painting is not the success I had envisioned, (workshop 'art' seldom is,) I gained so much from doing it.
"BOW TO YOUR PARTNER" (created at NES workshop) Fluid Acrylics on Arches HP 140# 16 x 23"


Michelle Himes said...

Is this the same technique that Nick uses in his koi paintings? Was it hard to do? I love Nick's work - you were so lucky to have him for a workshop.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Nick's painting methods are both complex and fascinating, and it would be impossible to really pin down one technique he used. I was flabbergasted at how many unique processes he incorporated to knit everything together. I did not paint the same subject matter that he did, only tried to apply what he did to my subject. I think his DVD from Creative Catalyst comes out in February so be sure to check that out if you can't get into one of his workshops.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, I know you don't like this one, Sandy, but I think it is very appealing and maybe just a bit of white gouache or acrylic here and there to perk it up would make you like it more.